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The ideal developer’s day and the load factor
An important primary tool in calculations is a perfect day of the developer – the day when the developer is completely focused on solving the problems of the project. This is the period during which the developer can perform a given amount of work at the maximum load. But it would be a big mistake to use a developer in this mode unless absolutely necessary. 

The rhythm of work during the Extreme Programming is not extreme at all – and should not even approach the “hot” level, at least at the beginning of development.

The load factor is the ratio of the real calendar days to the perfect days of Developer; it describes the “temperature” of development. The factors considered as normal are between two and five, and the larger the factor you can afford – the higher level of adrenaline remains in the reserve of your team. Experienced managers use “three” as the starting value, but for new undeveloped technologies should be used four or five.

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