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The project speed

The projected speed is the speed of implementation the program parts defined for a given cycle. The main benchmarks of the development progress in the implementation of the user histories.
The user histories
The user histories are the analogs of the Use Case, but with a slightly different shade. User History is a compact document (presumably about three sentences) created by the user and describing one separate operation for the given user like “I run the program and…” In contrast to the global Use Case, which deals with the entire classes of users, the user history could be easily identified, planned for a specific cycle and implement in a certain date. Let us say, for example, the “enter invoice” is much more clear and determined than “processing input documents”.

The user histories until the last moment do not take the detailed form, same as the late decision-making. The implementation of history should be limited in terms of one to three weeks of development – otherwise, such history should be separated into smaller ones. The main thing – to avoid the situation when something is going long enough without feedback because everything was done is potentially a subject of criticism and recast.

It is believed that 80-20 user stories are an ideal number to plan a new release.

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